Religious Education at St Peter's


It is our aim to enable every child in our school to flourish and live life in all its fullness by teaching a religious education curriculum that enables children to learn about the God who reveals Himself through creation, scripture, His Son Jesus and the work of The Holy Spirit through the living faith of the global Church.

We learn from an empathetic response to the Christian faith and a critical engagement with it; responding personally to the stories and teachings of Jesus Christ and examples of Christian living which give priority to the values of unconditional love, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, compassion and faith.  

We also learn about other faiths, their beliefs, traditions and practices and from them through encounter and dialogue.

Religious Education at St Peter's allows children to talk openly and freely about their own personal beliefs and practice. It allows them to reflect theologically and explore the ultimate questions and challenges of life in today’s society.



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