Modern Foreign Languages 

At St. Peter’s, we believe that learning another language allows our children the opportunity to have a broad and exciting perspective of the world, encouraging them to understand not only their own culture but that of others. By providing interesting and engaging lessons, the children are given the confidence and independence to explore the language structure. Communication skills, speaking, listening, reading, and writing are all greatly enhanced by language learning. Lessons will enable pupils to progress in one language and the linguistic skills gained will lay the foundations for further language learning.

 Since September 2014, the new National Curriculum has made learning a language compulsory in Key Stage 2.  As a school we use Primary Language's Network as a scheme across school. With Primary Languages Network’s team’s history, knowledge, and background, we were impressed with their standards, curriculum, and teaching style. Using Primary Languages Network has enabled our teachers to learn on-the-go, teach interactively, attend CPD events, have the opportunity to practice conversationally and use of DVDs and online resources during class. They also provide the opportunity for staff upskilling. Primary Languages Network has given our teachers and pupils confidence to speak another language. To ensure effective implementation of the scheme, we appropriately set the stage for each class.


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