Welcome to our School Governors

We have a wonderful Governors who support and challenge the school. The Governors are made up of community members, parents, current and past staff,  local authority and faith representation from Reverend Mark.  The Governors meet regularly to ensure they are well informed on the school developments and to ensure that the school progresses with the children at the centre of all our decision making. 


Our Governing Body 


Our Chair of Governors is Kate Aspinall - Appointed as a foundation Governor in December 2020. 


Name  Appointed Role From  End 
Steve Hemmingway  Appointed by foundation / Trust  March 2024 March 2027
Amy Spavin Appointed by foundation/Trust 26 June 2020 25 June 2024
Caroline Whittingham Appointed by foundation/Trust 1 December 2020 30 November 2024
Charlotte Stainton Appointed by foundation/Trust - Staff Governor  20 June 2022 19 June 2026
Hannah Owens Appointed by foundation/Trust - Staff Governor  28 November 2022 27 November 2026
Liam Dawson Appointed by foundation/Trust 26 November 2020 25 November 2024
Mark Nelson Ex-officio foundation governor (appointed by foundation by virtue of the office they hold) 20 February 2023 19 February 2027
Paul Scullion Elected by parents 19 July 2022 18 July 2026
Paul Townley Appointed by foundation/Trust 1 December 2020 30 November 2024
Jane Sutton  Appointed by foundation/Trust 19th October 2023 18th October 2027
Anne Whitehead Appointed by foundation/Trust 22nd November 2023 21st November 2027 
Matthew Entwistle Elected by parents  June 2024 June 2028 


 They take an active role in the day to day running of the school and the long term strategic vision. Our Governors are committed to safeguarding, securing high standards and ensuring our children really do flourish. 

Governors Information

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