Welcome to the Sanderling Class of 2023-2024

Hello and welcome to Sanderling Class. 

It is our priority that the children begin their journey in Year 1 feeling safe and happy. I know that for parents and children, it can feel like a big transition from Skylark Class and we aim to ensure that the transition is smooth and fills the children with confidence to grow and flourish.

The children will continue to learn through play in many aspects of the day however, the day is more structured than it was to ensure that all aspects of the Year 1 curriculum are taught.

We look forward to working with you and your child over the forthcoming year. Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact us and we will endeavour to address any issues as quickly as possible.  


Mrs. Winter & Mrs. Jeffreys


Our timetable

In the morning we have Maths, Phonics and English. Our afternoon sessions will focus on subjects from our exciting St. Peter’s Curriculum, P.E and R.E. The children will have a weekly ‘Jigsaw’ PSHE lesson every Friday afternoon with their age group cohort.

We factor in opportunities for the children to get together with the other children from their year group when possible.

Please see the website to find out more about what your child will be learning and which subjects will be taught each half term.



We would love the children to read at home, at least, three times a week. I understand that often, after a busy day, your child may not always be up to the task, but little and often will really build their confidence and help them make progress. Seeing adults enjoying reading and sharing a book with an adult, is often a vital ingredient towards a successful, fluent and enthusiastic reader. Reading books will be changed weekly, a different group each day.

We recently held a reading party. The children wrote invites to their family members and welcomed them into class to hear them read and share some of their favourite books. 

Children will also visit the school library once a week and we will continue our visit to Heysham library on a termly basis.


The Team

Mrs Jeffrey is the class Teaching Assistant in Sanderling Class and we also work closely with all the staff in Skylark Class.

Currently, the children will be taught by a Mrs Parker on Thursday afternoons. During this time, they will be taught Handwriting, Music and P.E.


Mrs Rigby is our family learning mentor who will be able to provide additional guidance, support and advice on pastoral and emotional well being concerns.  

Sanderling Class Documents

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