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My name is Mrs. Rigby, and I am your School Family Learning Mentor. I am passionate about Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing.


I am a qualified Nursery Nurse and Relaxation Coach (Relax Kids trained). I have worked in education for over 22 years, including work on the Outreach Team supporting children at risk of permanent exclusion. I am also one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads in school.


I can provide a wide range of support for the children and families within our school.


I am always willing to listen and see things from all perspectives. My background is behaviour and mental health. I am good at understanding emotions and behaviours and helping children/adults to regulate and understand these.


My work is varied, leading me in many different directions. Offering support and guidance in various areas, including behaviour, friendship, Bereavement, family needs, emotional, social, and mental health support; the list is endless. It can be through working directly with the family, group work, whole class support, or even whole school.


I am the main point of contact for our families who might need Early Help. I have great contacts' and local connections with outside agencies. I also work alongside Moving Mindsets (Morecambe Bay Mental Health Support Team). As well as other external agencies who help support the work I do in school with our children and families.


I love unpicking behaviours and working with families, but most importantly, I love to help children to shine.


Affirmations are a big part of my work - I am known for them! The reason is - the repetition of affirmations (positive words) sinks into our subconscious mind, allowing our mind to believe them and our body to respond. Eventually, it becomes a reality and our truth. Positive affirmations have helped (many children and adults I have worked with) overwrite limiting and negative beliefs, replacing them with positive, powerful thoughts, allowing them to feel strong/positive both mentally and emotionally.


I am also a mum myself (to a 16-year-old) - so I understand life as a parent.


I work Monday through Thursday, and you will find me at the school gate in the morning - meeting and greeting our families.


I love to remind you that - You are AMAZING.


'You can always find a positive in any situation - you just need to look for the spark.'




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We recognise that there may be some families that are struggling due to increasing financial demands and the continued cost of living crisis. Please find attached information on how families who are struggling with the cost of their energy bills can apply to us for help over the winter months from the Household Support Fund.


The fund aims to help with short-term living costs such as paying energy and water bills or for food or essential household appliances such as heaters and other items.


For more information on eligibility and how to apply, visit www.lancaster.gov.uk/hsf

Keeping Children Safe Online

Many of our children have devices and access to a wide range of technology. Technology, apps, content online is continually evolving and our children very often become more technologically aware that adults. On this page we will put up to date guides to ensure parents / carers can keep up to date with the current trends and to know how to keep children safe online. 


Online Safety Guides

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