Our Vision and Principles for Art


 What do we want children to learn in order for each child to flourish? 

At St. Peter’s we strongly believe that Art and Design plays a truly vital role in children’s education. Through high quality, well-sequenced learning opportunities, that build on prior knowledge, and effective teaching we want our pupils to learn how to successfully control a range of 2D and 3D media and study a diverse range of art practitioners. Children will learn the skills of drawing, painting and sculpture.  Children will work expressively and imaginatively and will be encouraged to record from observation, to have the confidence to explore and take risks and develop a sense of wonder about the world around them. The children will develop their knowledge of different artistic styles, and traditions, and will be equipped with the vocabulary to evaluate their own and others’ work. The school’s unique locality is utilised with planned opportunities for creating art work outside of the classroom.

Through the use of the ambitious and exciting Access Art curriculum we intend that all our pupils will have many opportunities to flourish!

 How do we teach our Art Curriculum – what does Art look like at St Peter’s?

We have creative and passionate teachers who teach an Art and Design unit of work each term, in each class. In each year group the children will have opportunities to focus on drawing, painting and 3D sculpture. They will be introduced to a wide range of artistic media and materials and learn about different practitioners, from different times and cultures. With the additional support provided by the Access Art curriculum materials, teachers, and teaching assistants, will model processes and techniques and guide each child to independence, at the pace right for them. The resources and activities have been chosen to support the children’s learning and there will be ample time to master skills and allow the children to flourish in this subject. There is a very strong emphasis on the progression of knowledge and developing the pupils’ skills in our planning which is structured in an ambitious and purposeful way.

Carefully selected enrichment opportunities will enhance the pupils’ learning. These will include, where appropriate, working with outside agencies and allied professionals, as well as providing opportunities for the children to have their work displayed as part of a ‘class gallery experience’.

Children from Year 2 onwards, will be encouraged to use their sketch books as an on-going journal of their artistic development. Each unit of Art and Design will incorporate drawing skills but additional drawing practice has also been planned into the year.

The Subject Leader will closely monitor the teaching of this subject and provide any necessary expertise and support. They will be instrumental in the team-teaching of specific units of work, if required.

The art work of all children is celebrated in school, and the wider community.

 How do we know what children have learnt? 

The impact of our Art and Design curriculum is measured in how the pupils’ have developed their technical and disciplinary knowledge of different art forms and how they are able to talk about what they, and others’ have created and demonstrate a real passion for the subject.




Take a look at some of our Art learning across school.